Shodoshima tenobe sômen  Sômen
  • Shodoshima tenobe sômen  Sômen
  • Shodoshima tenobe sômen  Sômen

Shodoshima tenobe sômen

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The Shodoshima tenobe Sômen "Shima no Hikari" are a traditional culinary jewel with a history of around 400 years.

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The ingredients used are wheat flour, salt and sesame oil, which makes it a purely natural food.

As the name suggests, these sômen are made on Shodoshima Island, Kagawa Prefecture.
Shodoshima sômen are handcrafted and derived from a skill passed down from ancestors.

Following a careful and drastic selection of raw materials (wheat flour, sesame oil and sea salt) and the chosing sun drying rather than mechanical one, these sômen take on a beautiful white color and then a smooth and soft texture.
They are characterized by high elasticity and a soft throat.
Shodoshima is the only place in Japan where pure sesame oil is used to make sômen.
Sesame oil does not oxidize easily and therefore retains its original taste and quality for a long time.

Sômen are very thin noodles usually served cold with a dipping sauce.
It is a very popular dish in the summer.

At just 0.8mm thick, the noodles are painstakingly prepared by the most skilled culinary artists, hand-pulled over a two-day period and dried outdoors in natural sunlight enjoying a winter sea breeze.
The result is worth it: light, tasty and refreshing noodles that are the perfect cold noodle treat on hot summer days!

The cooking :

. Bring 3 liters of water to a boil and add the sômen.
. These will become translucent after 2 minutes.
. Remove from the heat and immediately rinse them under a running stream of cold water for 10 to 20 seconds.
. Then immerse the sômen in a bowl of very cold water and rinse them delicately by hand.
. Drain them and then place them ideally on ice in a deep plate.
Enjoy them with a tsuyu sauce embellished with chopped spring onion and chopped fresh ginger.

Shodoshima, Japan
300 g net (50 g x 6)

wheat flour, salt, sesame oil
keep away from light, heat and moisture
Nutritional values
Per 100 g : energy 332 kcal (1409 kJ) ; fat 1,3g, of which saturates 0,23g ; carbohydrate 70,4g, of which sugars 1,9g ; dietary fiber 2,1g; protein 9,5g ; salt 5,78g.


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