List of products by brand FUSA NO TSUYU

Kyushu island in Japan and more precisely the Kuma basin to the south of Kumamoto prefecture, has been the most well-known for the production of rice Shôchû  for more than five centuries.

The Kuma Basin has three essential conditions for making the best rice shochu a) very pure water (one of the clearest and purest rivers in Japan passes through it) b) a particular climate (very hot days) hot and very cold nights) with a very pure air c) the cultivation of a rice of excellent quality thanks to water, climatic conditions and an air of exceptional qualities.

Identified under the name of Kuma Shôchû, this alcohol enjoys a PGI, Protected Geographical Indication.

To benefit from the Kuma Shôchû IGP, shôchû must be made exclusively from rice, using the very pure water of the Kuma River, with the utmost respect for traditional manufacturing methods and the artisan must be listed among the 28 shōchû houses in Kuma Basin (Kumamoto Prefecture)

Shôchû is a brandy (literally distilled liquor) distilled from rice, barley or buckwheat or sweet potato or even black sugar

The house Fusa no Tsuyu, created in 1907, stands out for its shôchû of high quality. His constant efforts to produce, in the purest respect for tradition, the best quality of the great shôchû, his rigid principles, his mastery in the development characterized by an original taste, comparable to no other, are transmitted from generation to generation.

Fusa no Tsuyu maker is distinguished by the unparalleled sweetness of its shôchû thanks to a slow and controlled aging, up to 30 years and more, then by the quality of the raw materials used (essential for the development of the best shôchû). Shôchû is a living material and no one is ever too attentive to temperature, moisture, ingredients quality, the state of the yeast ...

Shôchû craftsmen are always anxious about the final taste of their shôchû and, until tasting, their hearts beat very hard. The traditional methods of manufacture, the secrets of manufacture are transmitted from generation to generation.

Passion, belief and experience in making shôchû, constitute the art of manufacturing and craftsmanship and create the original taste of Fusa no Tsuyu products. The resulting balance is felt at the tasting.