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In 1862, founder Yamada Heizaemon established Kankyo Shuzou to brew mirin in Kanie City, Aichi Prefecture. 

From the Edo period to Meiji, many sake factories flourished along the rivers because the groundwater was perfect for producing sake. In Kanie city, there is a river of the same name, which was a convenient way for Kankyo Shuzou to originally transport ingredients and products.

In the early Meiji period (1868-1912), there were more than 10 manufacturers along this river. Only two remained.

During World War II, Japanese government banned the brewing of mirin because rice was a precious food and should not be used for seasoning. Kankyo shuzo started to brew sake instead of mirin.

In 1951, government authorized the brewing of mirin again. Since then, our craftsman has been producing both mirin and sake. 


Mirin is made from rice and usually from distilled rice alcohol.

Kankyo Shuzou uses locally grown rice. The rice is a key point in deciding the taste, body and mirin smoothness. As for shochu, mirin brewers usually buy it from distillers. Our craftsman, on the other hand, distills his own shochu to make his mirin.


In the general processing of mirin, sugar syrup is added to speed up the fermentation process. Our artisan does not use any food additives at all. It takes much longer to produce, but final product flavor is more natural and purer.

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