List of products by brand KANKYO SHUZO

The house KANKYO SHUZO has been established in 1862 by Mr Heizaemon YAMADA, in the town of Kanie in Aichi prefecture. During World War II.

The company was forced to stop the production of mirin, due to shortage of rice which was therefore reserved to feed populations.
Any transformation in condiment was strictly prohibited. KANKYO SHUZO own its survival to its transformation as a sake brewer.
The production of mirin was restarted in 1951, keeping the high quality of the ingredients and the traditional process of production.
Mirin is made from rice and distillated rice alcohol. KANKYO SHUZO uses exclusively locally produced rice to control the roundness and bitterness of their final products.
Generally, the manufacturers add sugar during the fermentation of rice, kôji and rice alcohol to speed up the maturation of the mirin. But here, neither sugar nor additives are added. The resulting production process is much slower, but the flavors are a lot more natural and pure.
The pride of KANKYO SHUZO is its black mirin. Created by accident: some flasks were forgotten for more than 10 years in a cellar. The rice being rich in carbohydrates and amino acids, the mirin become oxidised and took a black colour. The tasting was a revelation: a generous and smooth taste, pleasant notes of black sugar, rum and raisin.