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In 2016, they started business as Wasabi whole seller in Sekigane, Kurayoshi city, Tottori Prefecture, and also started to sell processed wasabi products like Wasabi miso. In 2017, they started wasabi oil production. 

Sekigane wasabi :
Hon wasabi is the local speciality produced in Sekigane, Kurayoshi city. It is grown in the stream from Daisen Mountain. Mizu wasabi (wasabi grown in water) needs clean and abundant water. And, it also needs permeable soil. In sekigane town area, there are those good conditions for making wasabi. This is the largest wasabi water fields in west area in Japan.   
In 2018, they started up the research centre for raising seedling and culture of Wasabi by the instruction from Shimane University and they have been trying to improve the quality.  Since 2018, they also have been developing new products by using authentic Japanese ingredient and great technology and they keep contributing to environmental protection.

Their spirit  : We hope to inspire you to come and visit the production region.

About wasabi oil : The essence of wasabi, grown in the area of the clear stream from the renowned Mt. Daisen, is blended into rice oil. It can be used as seasoning for carpaccio and salad. It also suits grilled meat and dairy products well.

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