Shabu Shabu hot pot service for 2 persons Material
  • Shabu Shabu hot pot service for 2 persons Material
  • Shabu Shabu hot pot service for 2 persons Material
  • Shabu Shabu hot pot service for 2 persons Material

Shabu Shabu hot pot service for 2 persons

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The shabu-shabu is a staple of Japanese gastronomy.

The most luxurious version gives way to wagyu beef, very thinly sliced (2 to 3 mm).
The name of this hot pot is associated with the noise and the movement from left to right of the meat in the broth with your chopsticks to cook it once immersed in the broth. The meat should be cooked in about 10 seconds so that it remains soft and tender.


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The traditional ingredients are the broth for cooking (we recommend a traditional dashi broth or just kombu and shiitake), Chinese cabbage, tofu, vegetables (carrots, daikon radish, shiitake, enoki mushrooms, spring onion, leek , sliced kabocha pumpkin (thickness 5 mm), thin slices of wagyu beef and a fresh egg that you will lightly beat to immerse the cooked meat in the broth before tasting it.

Popular sauces will be sesame sauces, spicy sauces, soy sauce with sansho…

Meat and vegetables are tasted, after having soaked them into a sauce, with white rice.

Variations are possible with beef instead of meat, thin slices of boneless pork belly, chicken, boneless and thinly sliced Iberian pork boneless collar...

It is important to skim the broth frequently to preserve all of its flavors.

At the end of the hot pot, it is common to add udon to taste the rest of the delicious deeply flavored broth.

You must heat your broth beforehand, to 90-100 ° C, before putting it in the pan. Then cover it with its lid, and carefully place it on the small fireplace in the middle of which you will have added the receptacle for burning gel or the lit candle

Composition of the service :

• an aluminum pan 170 mm in diameter and 66 mm deep

• an aluminum stove support stove, diameter 145 mm, height 105 mm

• a receptacle for burning gel or candle, made of aluminum

• a cryptomeria wooden plate to place the pan support

• a cryptomeria wooden cover to cover the pan.

1 kg net
does not go in the dishwasher


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