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Yanai Seimen has been in existence since 1916. Its founder was a member of one of the most famous world renowned Japanese noodle producer "dynasties" from the town of Sukagawa ( Fukushima ) during the Edo period ( 1603-1867 ).

The region of Fukushima is well known for its specialist noodle producers. The presence of very pure water and a temperate climate are essential to produce noodles. In 1954, Yanai Seimen, second generation, arrived in Fukushima and grew his company. The present and third generation production site is today located in Izaka ( Fukushima ) and produces traditionally made high quality noodles, rich in flavor.

The quality of Yanai Seimen noodles comes from the traditional "Teyori" production method. The noodles are hand-made and delicately divided one by one, as in the past. They have, quite simply, an authentic taste. Yanai Seimen noodle production is relatively complex. It depends on the weather of the day. The amount of salt is reviewed every day in relation to the weather, the temperature and level of humidity… To do this experience is essential, especially for the very delicate "Kakeba" stage. It is the step where the noodles are twisted with two sticks. Mastering the pressure and length of the dough is essential because otherwise the noodles are not of the same thickness and the taste changes. It is important to remember that each one of the steps in the production of these delicious products is important and requires a perfect mastery and dexterity because it has an effect on the quality of the dough and therefore the taste and texture, called "seimen", of the noodles

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