List of products by brand HONDA SHOTEN SAKE

Honda Shoten was founded in 1920 in Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture. It celebrated its first century of existence in 2021. Its motto: "Great sake comes from great rice".

"We signed Japan's first exclusive contract with farmers to designate cultivation methods, and we have been polishing our own rice for over 30 years using methods such as flat rice polishing.
We have also been working on brewing Ginjo Sake for over 40 years. We were involved even before the process took shape.
Today, we are working on independent research of new sake rice varieties and sake maturation methods to create new value.

This company is known for selecting the best sake rice (Yamada Nishiki from Special District A of Hyogo Prefecture) and for consistently winning top awards in national competitions.

Our craftsman is also renowned for his vintage sake developed over the past 4 decades.