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Aritaya was founded in 1832 in Joshu Annaka, Gunma Prefecture. Since then, for more than 180 years, this family has continued to make soy sauce using a traditional process of natural fermentation. The taste is transmitted and will be transmitted from generation to generation.

Annaka was once a thriving walled city, renowned trading town. The Aritaya Yuasa clan is known not only for its soy sauce production but also for the reputation of its members who have greatly contributed to the education, society and culture of Japan for three generations of the Ered Meiji, Taisho and Showa. Sauce cannot be made by human power alone. Soy sauce is dependent on the functioning of nature. It is the fruit of art created in nature. Material examined closely, microbial activity, Joshu's climate, slow flow of time, all of these things are must-have components of soy sauce. Aritaya family believe that the only thing they can do, during the fermentation of soy sauce, is to carefully monitor a well-balanced combination of these components while considering that they are not. that part of the soy sauce fermentation process. Raw soy sauce, obtained from moromi that has been ripened for over two years, is pasteurized to stop fermentation and bring out the natural color and flavor of soy sauce.

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