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Exceptional rice from WAKAI NOEN farm.
In the land of Kagami, in the city of Ryuo, Shiga prefecture (which praises Lake Biwa), farmers have inherited, from generation to generation, a rich agriculture benefiting from the pure spring water of the mountains. . Our farmer, Yasunori WAKAI, represents the 16th generation (since 1613) of his family to cultivate rice in the purest respect of traditions, on 32 hectares, in Shiga Prefecture.

Its rice has reached the 5-star master level, the highest rank of masters making this rice the pinnacle in the field in Japan. Accompanied by an expert in rice, taste, cooking equipment and cooking and agricultural engineers’ expert in rice, Wakai-san has once again won the GOLD AWARD at the international competition for analysis and evaluation of the taste of rice. The list of awards has grown steadily for the past fifteen years, which is unique in Japan in terms of consistency. Here we offer you the three rarest rice.

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