List of products by brand TSUJI SEIYU

  • Rapeseed and olive oil with natural yuzu flavor

    From €16.45

    This oil, very balanced, restores very well yuzu citrus freshness. The nose is pleasant and the mouth offers a nice balance, without bitterness. Rapeseed oil is a fairly neutral support. Olive oil restores floral and fruity accents.

  • Rapeseed and olive oil with natural ginger flavor

    From €16.45

    This oil restores pleasantly ginger flavors. Restoring ginger fresh and peppery and herbaceous notes, is very complicated. Majority of products on the market are characterized by earthy, burnt and just very pungent notes. Our oil has a pleasant nose, characteristic, and the palate is very balanced, with beautiful floral, spicy notes, touches of citruses, perfectly highlighted by the natural sweetness of olive oil.

  • Rapeseed and olive oil with green tea

    From €19.50

    Making a green tea-scented oil isn't easy. The choice of tea is essential because it mustn't be bitter. The sencha green tea has been specially selected from the Mie Prefecture. The very best whole sencha leaves are gently infused to lend the oil a fresh, rich, complex aroma.

  • Rapeseed and olive oil with black tea

    From €17.40

    For this oil,  choice of tea was essential to avoid bitterness. Japanese black tea has very subtle notes, similar to those of hôjicha
    but much more lighter, with a slight and delicate natural sweetness. The black tea was first cold-infused in oil. Then, infusion was heated
    to remove any moisture and bring out the characteristic aromatic notes of black tea.