List of products by brand SASAKI SHUZO

The Sasaki Shuzo brewery was founded in 1893. It is located on the northern side of Nijo Castle, and on the southern end of Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s mansion (Jurakudai), which was built during the 16th Century.

It is a region blessed with good quality groundwater. Good water is said to have been one of the reasons why Hideyoshi picked this place, and the brewery is still using "Ginmei-sui" water, which is said to have been used by Sen no Rikyu for his tea ceremonies.
Our craftsmen are devoting themselves to produce sake traditionally, by maintaining the spirit of “handing down Kyoto Tradition” and making use of the taste of sake rice.
Also, they are aiming to produce delicious sake, not only by inheriting early experiences but also by actively undertaking new technologies and cooperating with industry-academia.
This is a 100% Kyoto-made sake using all Kyoto grown rice, “Gohyakumangoku” for the kôji rice, “Iwai” and “Kyo no Kagayaki” for the sake rice used for fermentation and mash, Kyoto originated yeast "Kyoto no Koto" and “Ginmei-sui” water that springs up from the former site of Jurakudai.