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The best mirin

A well established tradition
Five hundred years ago, this sweet rice wine condiment was drunk. Today it is found in the sweet and savoury delights of Japanese cuisine... Sumiya-Bunjiro Shoten mirin, which has been traditionally produced since 1911and been given several awards at food shows, is a great success with Japanese chefs and the most discerning connoisseurs. 

Selection, tradition, climate : the alchemy of quality
In Japan, the region of Mikawa , to the south of Aichi prefecture, has a mild climate, sticky rice and quality water, favourable to producing exceptional mirin unequalled to this day. 100% natural, Sumiya- Bunjiro Shoten mirin isn't sterilised, which means the taste retains all its depth and authentic strength.
Natural fermentation handed down by the Elders
One year of production is needed before Sumiya-Bunjiro Shoten mirin gives up all its flavour. Placed together in a barrel, the sticky rice, fermented rice or "koji" and shochu spirit (alcohol volume 43 %) finish by mixing together in a subtle and flavourful alchemy with a natural, balanced and generous taste. 

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