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Hayashi Koutaro Zosu was established in 1834 as a vinegar specialty shop. It is located in Nishijin, Kyoto, where is well known as flowing excellent natural water.

Their vinegars are made of excellent pure water, domestic grown rice and grains without any additives and chemical seasonings by using the traditional method.
By few years ago they sold their products only to professionals such as restaurant and catering shop, but in recent years they expanded their business to retailers and made small bottles and a new product called “Tabeyasui Kurozu”.
Tabeyasui Kurozu :
The ingredients are fermented fruits (apple, banana, melon), and Genmugisu (husked barley black vinegar). This is their special product. The texture is thicker than regular black vinegar and the taste is milder.
Process : in the pot of fermented fruits, Genmugisu is added and let it soaked for 4 days. After that it cooks for 6 hours with low heat as to concentrate the sweetness and flavor.
How to use : you can use it like balsamic vinegar. It goes well with not only for meat and vegetable dishes, but also yogurt, fruit, cheese, pizza and bread.
This black vinegar is made of 100% of husked barley. Many minerals and Amino acid are contained. It has a matured flavor and mild sweetness.

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