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Land of apples and passion

In the extreme north of Japan, Kanesho brewery has been enthusiastically producing miso (fermented soya paste),  shoyu (soy sauce) and Aomori apple vinegar of exceptional quality since 1912. This vinegar is unique in Japan because it isn't made from imported apples as used by most of the Japanese brewers, but apples from Tsugaru. This is the favourite Japanese apple region with a temperate climate enabling the apples to mature slowly in a low temperature. 

Patience & excellence
With its original, pure and natural brewing method, Kanesho produces an exceptional apple vinegar. Its top of the range quality comes from the Aomori apple, harvested when well-ripened, grated and left to ferment. Then they are carefully pressed: afterwards the long transformation process from juice to apple wine, which will then turn into vinegar after a new period of slow, low temperature fermentation. It is aged in oak casks. After 150 days, its sweetness and preserved nutritive qualities are without equal.

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