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Takahashi Shoten is a well-known production centre in Japan which opened its doors in Yanagawa ( Fukuoka prefecture in the south of Japan ) in 1946.

It's specialised in the sale of local specialties from the land and the sea. Yanagawa is located on Kyushu island famous for its Yuzukosho condiment which is made from strong pepper and yuzu ( small citrus fruit with very fresh green mandarin orange, lemon even green grapefruit notes ). Yuzusco is the liquid form of yuzukosho. It is very easy to use and should become globally known in the near future. The ingredients are simples : pepper, yuzu peel, vinegar, and its uses multiple.
The yuzu used comes from Higashimera ( Miyazaki prefecture in Kyushu island ).
This origin has become well known because of the strong flavor of its yuzu. The yuzu is grown there at an altitude of between 300 and 500 metres. There are big changes in temperature and an abundance of fog, important and beneficial factors in the growth of yuzu. The yuzu is harvested green to preserve its rich, fresh flavor ( all the nutritional value is therefore found in the peel).
The peel is carefully removed by hand to retain all the essence. The pepper is also carefully selected, at optimum ripeness so as to preserve a powerful, spicy taste. The key to yuzusco quality is found in its spiciness. The vinegar has been selected in a draconian way amongst hundreds of varieties from a very old local producer. This selection takes more than a year. The result is very even because the vinegar combines perfectly with the yuzu and the pepper, by conserving the freshness, fragrance and acidity of the yuzu and the spicy taste of the pepper.

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