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Almost 400 years ago, Tamenobu TSUGARU, lord of the Hirosaki feudal clan governing the Tsugaru region (Aomori Prefecture), brought the Hirosaki pepper from Kyoto and popularised its cultivation.

This pepper gave the Hirosaki region an unprecedented renowned right up to the 60s. From this period, it fell into disuse unable to fight the importation of cheaper pepper from the rest of the world. In 1997 Koichi SAGA, a well-known doctor of agriculture explained the rich nutritional value of this pepper during a discussion group organised to start a popular local movement to save and preserve the traditional Aomori flavour. An A.O.C was created and called "SHIMIZUMORI NAMBA" from Tsugaru. Dr Saga and his team decided on and drew up the method of cultivation, the strict seed selection process, the quality of the land used… and production started again. Today the AOC "SHIMIZUMORI NAMBA" is famous as part of the Tsugaru region heritage.

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