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KOKONOE SAIKA, founded in 1908, is situated in Iwade, Wakayama prefecture, and specialises in the elaboration of rice vinegar and daily condiments.

Mr.Toyokichi SAIKA, its founder, has always thought that to make a good vinegar you must produce and select all the ingredients, including the " kasu sake" or sake lees. As a result, since 1934, Kokonoe Saika has produced its own sake and therefore the basic ingredient of its kasu sake vinegars. Favoring the philosophy and spirit of one of their prestigious ancestors, the chief of the Saika clan MAGOICHI, during the warring years ( ), the motto of Kononoe Saika remains "prevention and health through balanced daily meals". Without preservative, color or any chemical additive, SAIKA products are made from 100 % sake brewed vinegar.

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