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Kobayashi Shinise was established in 1780 in Shiga prefecture as a merchant of “mogusa” which is the processed form of artemisia (or “yomogi” in Japanese). 

Okyu(moxibustion) is a traditional Chinese herbal treatment, a type of heat therapy in which mogusa is burned on acupuncture point to warm and stimulate the body.
Recently Kobayashi Shinise have established the ‘YOMOGI PROJECT’, cultivating artemisia in fields that had been abandoned and then developing and selling new yomogi products. What is Artemisia (Artemisia Princes)? Artemisia is called the ‘Queen Herb’ as it is claimed to be in curing any kind of illness. It can be drunk, put on your skin or simply burn as incense. It can even be used for an herbal bath.
Artemisia has the amazing ability to grow and thrive anywhere, it only needs sunshine. Even if stepped on or partly torn off, it can still survive. It is said that in very ancient times, people used to eat it to borrow its strong ability to survive.
Artemisia cooking
For cooking, artemisia is well known as seasonal spring ingredients. The popular usage is for Japanese sweets such as Manjyu and Yokan. The colour is of a very fresh green, so it can be used for bread, cookie dough and noodles.
Expected effect on health
- It helps regulate your intestinal functions (Artemisia contains about 10 times as much dietary fibre as spinach).
- It also contains chlorophyll. The size of the chlorophyll’s fibres is 1/5000 of dietary fibres.
- It helps remove dioxins, residual unhealthy chemicals and toxins from body.
- It helps lower cholesterol in blood
- It helps remove contaminants from blood
- Also it has an antibacterial effect, which helps treat allergic issues such as atopic dermatitis, and homeostasis of cuts, scrapes or other skin issues etc…

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