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KASHII was established in 1975 as a dealer in Kanbutsu(dried foods) in Kagoshima, southern Japan. 

Kanbutsu such as dried shiitake, kombu, katsuobushi, has been used as a traditional Japanese ingredient to make “dashi”. 

Dashi is the basis of almost all Japanese food. Since ancient times, our ancestors and descendants respect the advantages of dried foods such as a long shelf life, and also high nutrition by letting it dry under the sunshine. This method is a treasure from our ancestors.

KASHII use only fresh shiitake originating from the Kyushu area (Miyazaki, Kumamoto, and Kagoshima). The fresh shiitake is cultivated on pulpwood which gives the mushrooms a very natural flavor. After receiving the dried shiitake, they carefully select the mushrooms based on strict standards of size and condition. The mushrooms are stored at a refrigerated warehouse.

Donko Shiitake
Donko Shiitake is premium quality dried shiitake. Donko Shiitake is the name given to only the finest hand-selected shiitake grown slowly during winter. The shape has to be completely round and thick, and the edge has to be rolled inside. It has a strong flavor and firm texture.

How to prepare

1- Soak in water for a few minutes and then remove any trace of soil by washing under running water.
2- Soak for 24 hours in a covered bowl containing enough water to cover the dried shiitake, and leave it in a refrigerator. (Point: in order to avoid losing flavor, use only cold water and cover with plastic wrap.)
3- Before using, cut the hard tip of mushroom. (The water can be retained and used for Dashi)

If you wish to soak quickly, you can use warm water, or heat up in a microwave for 2 minutes, although we do not recommend this.

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    Our shiitake mushrooms are real sawtooh oak mushrooms, exclusively cultivated in the forest, on oak trunks, in the middle of nature. Donko shiitake are thick, fleshy, plump and juicy, with a greedy chewiness. Their flavor is subtle and woody.

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