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Ryujin Heart was established in 2002 in Ryujin-village, Tanabe-city, Wakayama Prefecture. This company is organizing by mainly women between 30th to 70th years old in order to make the environment the young people can live and work in the village, and also old people can find the purpose in life to live in the future.

In Ryujin village, there is a hot spring called Ryujin Onsen which is one of the three famous spa resort for beauty.
The name of Ryujin Heart comes from the meaning that the local woman would deliver the warmest heart from their farm to each customer’s dining. They sell local foods, agricultural and craft products that tourists don’t know.  These products are made from local growing ingredients and materials.

Yubeshi is a traditional local specialty in Ryujin village. It can be kept for several years. The organic yuzu grown in Ryujin is known as having rich aroma as there is a great difference of temperature in a day.

How to make Yubeshi :
Remove the inside of yuzu fruits and fill up the mixture of wheat miso, peanuts, kinako, and sesame. Then let it dried in the cold weather for half a year.
The taste is a good combination of rich flavor and slightly bitterness from yuzu, and the deep flavor and sweetness from matured miso. These are made by hand, so very limited to manufacture.

How to eat :

- slice and eat as it is
- eat with rice, sake and ochazuke(bowl of rice immersed in green tea)
- for topping on steamed egg or other warm dishes (by adding heat the flavor gets stronger.)
- for topping as salad or pasta
- with cheese, fruits and shiso

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