Premium Azuki red beans
  • Premium Azuki red beans

Premium Azuki red beans

Reference : NISANF1-D

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Morita Farm, A-net, located in Tokachi, east of Hokkaido, in northern Japan, specializes in growing exceptional azuki beans.


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The practice of a reasoned and controlled agriculture allows them to obtain the GAP approval, for the first time in the world as regards the azuki red beans, in 2015.
Unlike other azuki sellers and sellers on the market, their azuki is not mixed with others on other farms.
This guarantees a stable and identical quality. Their azuki is much more appreciated thanks to the big differences of temperatures between the day and the night on their soil of culture.
Very little fertilizer is used, which promotes slow growth and develops the flavors of beans.
Farmland is thus safeguarded and remains productive.
They also control the condition of the minerals in the soil to maintain the proper balance. This prevents bitterness often noted for azuki and promotes umami and deep flavor.
The azuki market has hard parts which requires changing the water several times during cooking to make the famous red bean paste azuki anko. This lowers umami and flavors. This is not the case with their azuki and it is not necessary either to sweeten them too much to put their powerful natural taste in value.

Our perfect combination : pastry, ice cream, chocolate.

Our preparation tips :
- The cooking of azuki:
1) Wash one cup of azuki (200 ml, about 150 g) by rubbing against each other.
2) Heat 3 cups of water (600 ml) in a saucepan.
3) Pour azuki just before boiling. Cover and cook on medium heat for about 40 minutes (or 7 minutes on the pressure cooker).
4) Mix gently at one time from top to bottom, then add 1 cup of water.
5) Cook another 5 to 10 minutes, then drain the azuki once they are melting. This gives you about 350 grams of boiled azuki.
For a good cooking of azuki:
- Start cooking with hot water
- Season the azuki when they are melting
- Mix the dough gently and always in the same direction

Hokkaido, Japan
1 kg net
200 g net
25 kg available on request
100 % azuki red beans (Vigna Angularis)
keep away from light, heat and moisture
Nutritional values
Per 100 g : energy 338 kcal (1437 kJ) ; fat 1,0g, of which saturates 0,28g ; carbohydrate 62,7g, of which sugars 1,9g ; protein 19,6g ; salt <0,01g.


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