Sesame oil with ginger
  • Sesame oil with ginger

Sesame oil with ginger

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In ancient Egypt, Cleopatra used sesame oil for beauty and health. Its rich aroma and abundant nutrients made it popular.

It became synonymous with health and longevity. Its appearance in Japanese cuisine dates back to the Nara period (710-794).

From the Edo era (1603-1868) onwards, it was used by everyone. Sesame seeds are 50% oil, 20% protein and 30% vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber.


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Proteins that make up the human body are made up of around 20 different amino acids, but sesame seeds contain a good balance of essential amino acids, with 20 g of plant protein in 100ℊ, equivalent to meat or fish. 

A tablespoon of sesame seeds (10 g) is equivalent to the calcium in half a glass of milk, and contains antioxidant substances called sesaminol (beneficial for the liver and suppressing the production of bad cholesterol, even lowering blood pressure, and preventing arteriosclerosis).

Oil is said to be the enemy of diets. In Japan, sesame oil is said to activate enzymes that play an important role in fat burning, while inhibiting fatty acid synthesis. It increases energy metabolism and reduces the amount of fat already accumulated.

It is also said to help combat ageing, notably by contributing to blood formation, maintaining body temperature and protecting skin and hair hydration. Yamada Seiyu sesame oil is produced using the Tamashime method, known as bottom-pressing.

It takes one kg of sesame seeds to produce 300 ml of oil. This yield is half that of other products on the market. Pressure is lower, and the seeds selected are fresher, sweeter and more aromatic. This first-pressed sesame oil proposed here has been infused for a week with fresh ginger.

Resulting oil is fresh, slightly spicy, gourmet, aromatic and light. A highly refined oil, it is ideal for use hot or cold with crudités, goat's cheese, pan-fried fish or shellfish, meat or fish tartars, or even scallops.

Kyoto, Japan
300 ml
Glass bottle
sesame oil, 12.50% ginger, spring onion.
protected from light and heat


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