Charcoal Binchotan Lau JOWARIDAI Laos Lau Binchotan Charcoal
  • Charcoal Binchotan Lau JOWARIDAI Laos Lau Binchotan Charcoal

Charcoal Binchotan Lau JOWARIDAI

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Binchotan Lau JOWARIDAI coal from Laos in half- or quarter-moon shapes

Binchotan is commonly known as white coal, because of the whitish colour of its surface. This is due to rapid cooling as soon as it comes out of the kiln, as it is covered with a light greyish mixture of earth, sand and ash. This method stops it from incandescing.


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Charcoal Lau Binchotan JOWARIDAI Ø: 4.0-6.0 cm, length: 20-28 cm

What are the strengths of binchotan?

- it is extremely dense and porous

- it burns very slowly, so can be used for several hours.

- it heats to a very high temperature

- it produces no smoke or unpleasant odours - it is extremely hard

- unlike all other coals, it can be used several times

- used in cooking, it gives food subtle, delicious flavours and aromas. Its powerful infrared radiation allows food to release all its aromas and flavours, and it is very popular with barbecued eels and fish, duck and beef... It is a proven guarantee of quality, and is used in top-quality grilling restaurants in Japan.

- It allows food to be cooked in direct contact with its surface. Cooking is instantaneous, and the food is not burnt. Binchotan also has a number of other proven and sometimes surprising virtues:

- It absorbs bad smells (in shoes or socks, in the kitchen, in the fridge...)

- It absorbs humidity in a room

- Placed in your living areas, it improves blood circulation

- Used as a filter, it purifies drinking water (ridding it of chlorine, bad taste or foul-smelling substances) or washing water. For drinking water, 60g are needed to treat one litre of tap water.

Before you use them for the first time, boil them for a quarter of an hour in a large volume of water to remove any residue. Then leave them to dry overnight in a dry, temperate place, or in direct sunlight, before placing them in your jug filled with water. After about ten hours, you'll be able to enjoy pure, mineral-rich water. Change it every ten weeks for a perfect result.

- It's an excellent repellent against termites and other moisture-hungry insects. Using it for cooking requires a little know-how. I recommend To extinguish it, it offers an advantage that no other coal has. All you have to do is soak it in a container of water for a few minutes, then leave it to dry overnight and finally, for one or two days, leave it in direct sunlight or on a radiator (in winter) to remove any residual moisture. You can then use it again. Purists extinguish it by placing it in a sealed cast-iron container to deprive the charcoal of oxygen, which will extinguish it very quickly.

15 kg net
100% Lau Binchotan charcoal (Cratoxylum Pruniflorum)
Ø 4,0-6,0 cm
20-28 cm
Half or quarter moon


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