Rare handmade sake glass, for cold or hot sake, black Tokusa model
  • Rare handmade sake glass, for cold or hot sake, black Tokusa model

Rare handmade sake glass, for cold or hot sake, black Tokusa model

Reference : NISVICH13

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This sake glass is entirely handmade by a craftsman with ancestral know-how. It is hand-painted and finished using a centuries-old lacquering technique. In Japan, there is only one kiln with the capacity to produce this quality, a true collaboration of the traditional crafts of lacquering and Mino-yaki.


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According to Gifu Prefecture, "Mino ceramics (Mino yaki in Japanese) refers to pottery made mainly in the eastern part of Gifu Prefecture, in the cities of Tajimi, Toki, Mizunami and Kani. Currently, Mino ceramics accounts for about 50% of the total ceramic production in Japan (Gifu Economic and Industrial Promotion Center, 2017 Ceramic Industry).

Mino ceramics has a long history of over 1,300 years, believed to have begun in the late Kofun period of the 7th century in the Tono area of Gifu Prefecture, when Sueki hard earthenware was fired in anagama kilns, an ancient style of mountainside kilns.

Before the First World War, European countries exported tableware around the world. However, they became unable to manufacture these products because of the war, which led to the growth of Japanese exports. As a result, in southeastern Gifu, where the ceramic industry was already active, the number of manufacturers and the size of the facilities increased further. After World War II, some potters proved that Momoyama-to ceramics were derived from the Mino area, which led to an increase in the number of Mino ceramists.

Currently, the Tono area (southeast of Gifu) has the largest share of pottery production in Japan”.

The lines are called "Tokusa" pattern in Japan. Tokusa is the name of a plant and refers to a pattern of vertical stripes. It has been loved since the Edo period (1603-1868) as a symbol of good luck to wish for growth and prosperity because of its straight growth.

⌀ 63 mm, height 55 mm
does not go in the dishwasher
not microwave safe

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