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Perfect alchemy

Rice growing, lots of water and a temperate climate are the three essential ingredients to produce an exceptional sake like that made with care by Heiwa Shuzo, founded in 1928. It is in the heart of Wakayama prefecture, to the south of Japan's main Island, that the miracle happens. Carried along by master craftsmen in search of perfection, Heiwa Shuzo know-how can also be found in natural fruit liqueur. Without color nor additives, of course! "Men created sake, sake created men"... Such is the philosophy of Heiwa Shuzo. A philosophy, rich in the knowledge we need, to understand that the choices the master craftsmen make regarding ingredients, processes and storage feed their demands of quality and their search for perfection.

KID sake : KID comes from the image of "Kishu climate" (former name of Wakayama Prefecture) and also represents child innocence and freedom. The KID range created by Heiwa Shuzo aims to make the sake charm known to new generations who rarely consume it because they do not know it. Its pasteurization is called manual. It is made according to the "binkan hiire" method: the sake is bottled but the bottles are not completely closed. They are first heated to + 65 ° C. This low pasteurization preserves taste and scents to the beverage and a nice freshness.

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