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Sômen have a history of over 600 years

in Japan In a diary of Ikaruga Temple, Ibo-gun, Hyogo, dated September 15th, 1418, there is a reference to "sômen".
This is the earliest reference to Sômen in the historical records handed down in the Banshu area, proof that people were eating Sômen there at least 600 years ago.

The word sômen means thin noodle. Originally from Japan, sômen is made of wheat flour, salt and oil and remains a popular summer seasonal dish.

Sômen are mainly classified into two categories: handmade and mechanically made. Handmade sômen have a richer texture and are more expensive. Although Japan has a wide variety of noodles of different prefabrications, Ibonoito is the leading brand for handmade sômen.

Made from premium flour, crystal clear water from the Ibo River in the Harima region and salt from Ako, Ibonoito tenobe (hand-stretched) sômen noodles are meticulously crafted by the most skilled culinary artists after maturing several times in a traditional manufacturing process that originated in the Banshu region some 600 years ago.

Whole process consists of eleven stages, lasting two days and one night.
Sômen texture is stable, smooth, soft, does not get soggy quickly.

Ibonoito Sômen is made during a limited period between October and the following April (production's peak is from December to February).
Ibonoito sômen are the best-selling and most famous in Japan.

High quality, hand-drawn, 100% natural, they are free of additives, coloring and preservatives.

Entire manufacturing process of Ibonoito Sômen is under the strict supervision of Hyogo Prefecture Tenobe Sômen Association.
After the maturation period in a dedicated warehouse, they are distributed only by exclusive agents.

There are five good reasons to choose handmade Ibonoito Sômen:
. their Thinness, thin Sômen blend perfectly with dipping sauce
. firmness, firmness is maintained after boiling which makes them an ideal accompaniment for simmered or stir-fried foods
. sweetness, sômen are enjoyed gently, they are perfect for any occasion
. brightness, the sight of white, glossy sômen stimulates the appetite
. flavor, hand-pulled sômen are tasty until the last bite.

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