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The best salt in the world from the sea of Miyakojima

PARADISE PLAN, sea salt refinery, has been created in 1994 on the island of Miyakojima. Miyakojima is a small island of 158km² located in the south of Japan, 300 km to the west of Okinawa. it's waters are renowned for diving. This island is a very ancient giant coral reef. The rain going through it's soil are totally filtered, becoming very clear, pure and riche in essential minerals.
Comments from people who use Yukishio :
- It has a smooth and mild taste with a light sweetness that is hard to put into words. Stewed food tastes better, and it makes cooking a joy. I share it with my neighbors, but only a little at a time!
- I had been using soy sauce with tempura, but now I use yukishio, which makes the tempura mellower and more delicious. Now, I wouldn't think of eating tempura without Yukishio
- Being a senior citizen, I am worried about health problems, especially high blood pressure. I have to be particularly careful about my salt intake. I heard about Yukishio bein high in mineral content, and it has a subtle sweetness. The only salt used at my home now are Yukishio.
How to use Yukishio :
- For dressing meat and fish
- For fresh tomatoes and salad
- For massaging the gums
- As a facial scrub

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