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A unique flavor

Since 1880, Kaneichi has been selling a spicy condiment which is a must in Japan: Kishu sansho berries, surprising by the size (the fleshiest berries in Japan which grow like grapes, in bunches), surprising citrus fruit... of the pepper family! Started by the young Yamamoto Katsunosuke, founder of Kaneichi, the cultivation of Wakayama sancho is the biggest and best in Japan today. His great granddaughters continue to invest in the success of this family business respecting ancestral tradition which has contributed in great part to its success.
National heritage
Rose to the rank of "national heritage" since 2007, the Kaneichi company building houses everything associated with a family business for which rectitude and strictness guarantee the exceptional quality of the sansho they grow and sell in all its forms.
Sansho : prevention which is full of goodness
Since the beginning of time sansho has been credited with medicinal qualities by the Japanese: it prevents cancer, heart disease and circulation problems in the brain; it improves blood circulation, digestion and activates internal organs. An excellent 100% natural dietary supplement, it burns off fat.

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