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Tsuji Seiyu Co. Ltd, the parent company of Ureshino Lab, carries out research and development projects to invent and create new products which are clean, healthy, delicious and all made from natural ingredients.

The manufacturer also works on renewable energy projects to cultivate agricultural crops together with the community and to protect the environment. Their aim is to create products which respect both the environment and mankind. Ureshino Lab was founded in order to deliver the producer’s philosophy to its customers through their products.
Their ethos is to not use any additives, to make authentic products and to create products which have never been seen before and are well-researched.
Natural ingredients are vital to living a fulfilling and healthy life. Tsuji Seiyu has honed its product development technology and its research into ingredients.
For example, the company makes maize ceramide oil (from the embryo of the maize) and collagen from fish.
Management philosophy :
- Respect our customers and provide excellent quality
- Do not imitate others and make products that cannot be made elsewhere
- Always challenge new technology and services
- Safeguard security and the environment
- Keep on dreaming and innovating

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