List of products by brand HOKKAIDO KENSHO

  • Ne Kombu Shoyu soy sauce

    From €8.20

    Ne Kombu Shoyu soy sauce

    Ne kombu is the part of kombu that is very close to the root, the most nutritious. When the kombu is young, this part is extremely nutritious because the cells divide and develop. It contains a large amount of fiber, iodine, calcium, iron, potassium, etc. This part is very limited, only a few centimeters for each kombu seaweed, which makes it a very precious food.

    Natural extract of Ne kombu is added to this soy sauce.

  • Extra Ne Kombu concentrated dashi

    From €16.30

    Hidaka kombu is selected as the main ingredient because of its rich and delicious flavor. This soy sauce is a concentrate of umami with typical iodine flavors.