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Sesame barley miso sauce Japanese sauces
  • Sesame barley miso sauce Japanese sauces
  • Sesame barley miso sauce Japanese sauces
  • Sesame barley miso sauce Japanese sauces

Sesame barley miso sauce

Reference : NISHSMS1-D

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This sauce is made from barley miso that has been aged and dried for a long time, keeping intact its flavors.

Barley miso is a fermented condiment made from barley, a singularity that sets it apart from other miso products and has a lot to do with the town where it's based, Miyakonojyo, in Miyazaki prefecture, an area strongly influenced by Kirishima mountains and Sekinoo waterfalls, which give miso its distinctive flavor.

Only 4% of all miso produced in Japan is barley miso. Made using a traditional method, this miso brings out barley complex flavors and unique aromas.


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This sauce is highly appreciated by Japanese people, who are reputed to select the best sesame seeds in the world. Blended with barley miso, mirin and other ingredients, it offers the aroma and richness of sesame seeds in a Japanese-style flavor.

It's a must in Japan, not only with meat, but also to season vegetables. It's a healthy sauce that can be enjoyed with boiled meats such as shabu-shabu. No flavor enhancers are used in this sauce.

On the palate, sesame is elegant and rich, with notes of peanuts, toasted almonds and a lovely sweetness. You'll appreciate notes of reduced broth and spicy accents (chili pepper), never unpleasant, bringing freshness and peps.

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This sauce is ideal for somen, white fish, meat tartars, grilled white meats, leeks, endives, cauliflower florets, poke bowls, raw vegetable salads (carrots, cucumber), potatoes, rice...

Japanese-style yakiniku (meat barbecue) is a meal accompanied by a barbecue sauce using Umami. It's a "luxurious" accompaniment to the Japanese experience, used as a base for meat (beef, pork, chicken).

This versatile seasoning is in fact one of the "secret flavors" that accompany Japanese table (e.g. vinaigrette for vegetables, secret flavor for soups, etc.) It is also a universal seasoning in Japanese "Izakaya" style.

Made especially to order, this sauce is made without additives to balance the various umami elements, saltiness and acidity. This Hayakawa barbecue sauce is a special product with a natural flavor.

Miyazaki, Japan
1 kg net
200 g net
Doy-pack pouch
Hon mirin, barley miso (barley, soybeans, salt, ferment), sugar, water, 6.70% sesame paste, 6.30% ground sesame, garlic, salt, vinegar, ginger, red pepper
keep away from light, heat and moisture
Hayakawa Shoyu Miso

Hayakawa Shoyu Miso is said to have been established in 1885 during the Meiji era in Japan. Its history stretches back over 130 years, during which time company has continued to evolve with the times, always trying to meet the needs of an ever-changing market, but never wavering in its determination to produce the best possible flavor. Hayakawa Shoyu Miso's motto is to contribute to food culture, continuing to challenge itself every day to produce products that are delicious, healthy and useful not only for people, but also for their communities.

The company has always maintained high standards of food safety.

However, to take on a new challenge, it recently obtained the world's most prestigious food safety management certification, FSSC22000.


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