Organic matcha tea paste Kitagawa Hanbe Shoten  Organic
  • Organic matcha tea paste Kitagawa Hanbe Shoten  Organic

Organic matcha tea paste Kitagawa Hanbe Shoten

Reference : NISYP3-4-D

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Tea selected by Kitagawa Hanbei Shoten is a prestige tea, a sure bet.

Kitagawa Hanbei Shoten was founded in 1861 and is THE specialist in quality tea par excellence. Matcha tea paste offered here is made from a rigorous selection by this wholesaler.

It is ideal for pastry chefs, cooks, chocolatiers and ice-cream makers, all of whom care about the taste, color and quality of their tea. Here, specific bitterness is elegant, noble and very vegetal. This paste is highly sought-after because it is easier to combine and identify. Surprising results can be achieved in breads, sponge cakes, cookies, creams, ganaches, mousses, pasta, noodles, ravioli, tofu...


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Great advantage of this paste is that it maintains tea's lovely, natural green color when used in cooking and pastry-making, which, technically speaking, is difficult to achieve with other teas.

This product is autoclaved and can be stored at room temperature when unopened.

Cut the top corner of the bag diagonally to leave a 1 cm opening. Take only the quantity needed, reseal and store in the fridge. The above instructions are intended to prevent the growth of bacteria, which can easily develop when exposed to air after opening.

Do not transfer the product to another container for storage. Shade may change according to pH, so always check before use. Always check before use and use only after confirmation. Color may also change according to the ingredients used. Always carry out a mixing test and a degradation test before use. The higher the pH (strongly alkaline), the darker the color, and the more acidic the color, the more beautiful it will be. The color will be more beautiful if lemon juice is added to the paste. No preservatives are used. As the tea is made from natural tea leaves, color may vary, but this is not a quality issue. In rare cases, there may be clumps (lumps) of matcha. In this case, pass it through a sieve and use it. Quality will not be affected.

Shizuoka, Japan
1 kg net
100 g net
Water, 20% matcha Kitagawa Hanbe Shoten selection
keep dry away from heat, moisture and direct light
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