Zouni miso soup bowl

Zouni miso soup bowl

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Bowls are inseparable from Japanese cuisine.

Those dedicated to miso soup are traditionally made of wood, lacquered, but relatively fragile.

They are used for every daily meal.

Miso soup bowls must be held in the hand.


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Zouni is a traditional mochi soup, mainly served for the Oshogatsu New Year event. This mochi is a simple orthodox mochi, made only of glutinous rice. Its texture is hard and thick.

Zōni is written in the Japanese language using two kanji characters. Since the first means "diverse" or "mixed" and the second means "simmering" or "boiling," the word is thought to be derived from the fact that zōni involves boiling many diverse foods (such as mochi, vegetables, and seafood) together. In the past, in samurai society, this dish was called "烹雑" (Hōzō), 烹 also being an archaic term for "simmering" or "boiling".

It is said that zōni has its roots in the cuisine of samurai society. It is thought to be a meal that was cooked during battles in the field, boiled with mochi, vegetables, and dried foods, among other ingredients. It is also generally believed that this original meal, at first exclusive to samurai, eventually became a staple food for common people. Zōni was first served as part of a full dinner (honzen ryōri), and it is said to have been a considerably important meal for samurai.

The tradition of eating zōni on New Year's Day dates from the late Muromachi period (1336-1573). This dish was offered to gods in a ceremony on New Year's Eve.

Bowls we propose here are made of high quality ABS resin with the look of traditional lacquer. They are slightly large bowls with lids for Zouni during Japanese New Year, but they can be used in many situations as well as for Japanese cooking. They can be used as a bowl for simmered dishes, noodles, soup, appetizers, desserts, etc., according to the user's ideas.

Ishikawa, Japan
Diameter: ⌀ 135mm Height with cover: H110 mm
dishwasher safe
microwave compatible
heat resistant ABS resin + urethane coating


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