Kikka ceramic nabe dish Dishies - nettings - gastro containers
  • Kikka ceramic nabe dish Dishies - nettings - gastro containers
  • Kikka ceramic nabe dish Dishies - nettings - gastro containers

Kikka ceramic nabe dish

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Kikka ceramic nabe dish

The Kikka is a new generation of “Donabe” casserole dish that fits the lifestyle of modern people. Without the need for surface coating before use, this product can be used immediately after purchase.


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Lightweight, this baking dish offers easy handling.
It also provides excellent heat storage for freshly cooked food.

Its aesthetics allow table service.
Its original varnish is designed to prevent problems such as odors and stains.

Heat resistance up to 650 ° C Cooking in these ceramic dishes allows a slower, less violent heat transfer, which has the effect of bringing out the flavor of the food.
Robustness and durability The ceramic promotes the production of infrared rays allowing a more uniform cooking.
Ceramic guaranteed without lead or cadmium Unlike metals, ceramic is suitable for microwave use.
Unlike dishes made of cast iron or aluminum alloy, these ceramics provide very good cooking heat and excellent storage of residual heat. Ceramic dishes are aesthetically beautiful and find their place on a reception table like serving dishes.

This dish is perfect for enjoying a wide variety of dishes, from hot pots and stews, to curry soup and cheese fondue.

Mie, Japan
L size : Ø : 24 cm, depth 13.5 cm, capacity 1900 ml
S size : Ø : 18,5 cm, depth 10 cm, capacity 850 ml
XL size : Ø : 28.5 cm, depth 15.5 cm, capacity 2,700 ml
Induction is not allowed
Remove the lid when using the oven
does not go in the dishwasher
you can wash it with dish detergent, but avoid soaking it in the ceramic dish as it will absorb water. A scrub brush is fine, but if you use a metal scrub brush it can leave scratches. So please adjust it. After washing, dry well before storing.
open flame, oven and microwave are allowed. It can also be used for electric halogen and radiant heaters

The Ginpo company is acclaimed near the best Japanese tables.


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