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Fresh Yuzu from Kôchi
  • Fresh Yuzu from Kôchi
  • Fresh Yuzu from Kôchi

Fresh Yuzu from Kôchi

Fresh Yuzu from Kôchi

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Fresh Yuzu from Kôchi Prefecture
2 pieces in basket

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Only CHRONOPOST delivery available to guarantee fruit freshness

Specifications of our Yuzu : variety Citrus Junos stemming from cultures height fields, in reasoned agriculture. 
Our plantation of yuzu, located on the Shikoku Island, Prefecture of Kôchi is near the village of Kitagawamura, it is the most famous origin for the Japanese yuzu.
The fields are at high altitudes in the mountain.
The mature fruits, bright yellow, are generally quite big, from 100 to 140g each and a diameter of 55/65 mm.

The peel of the fruit is bright yellow to golden yellow.
Sometimes the fruit has a few brown and black spots. It is a natural and physiological reaction of the fruit, a characteristic of the yuzu. These spots do not spoil the fruit and assure its authenticity. These spots are due to the stress of the tree against the weather, the soil or the scars of the fruit stung by the thorns of the tree.

2 Qualities available :
- Standard : yuzu whith fiew spots
- Premium : yuzu without spots

Iconic japanese citrus, it is much appreciated in Japan and all over the world for its freshness and very characteristic aroma. The yuzu can be used in many culinary preparations. It can be blended in sauces and vinaigrettes, or used with grilled fish, salads, tofu, BBQ. It can also be used in seasoning (salt, peppers), sushi vinegars, pastries, alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages.

Our plantation is the main one approved in Japan to export towards Europe because of its location in high altitudes and because of its absence of harmful predators (insects). 

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Kôchi, Japan
200 g net guaranted
2 pieces
100% Yuzu
in the réfrigérator + 5°C
Ice Cream

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