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Fresh Premium Wasabi from Azumino (Nagano)
  • Fresh Premium Wasabi from Azumino (Nagano)

Fresh Premium Wasabi from Azumino (Nagano)

Fresh Premium Wasabi from Azumino (Nagano)

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This wasabi grand cru comes from an agriculture that does not use any pesticide and will be available all year round. Rarest roots can reach a weight of 500g!

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Fresh Premium Wasabi from Azumino (Nagano)

Azumino region, in the west of Nagano Prefecture, located at the foot of the Japanese Alps, is famous for its streams and rivers that flow directly from the melting snow.
Groundwater, very pure and rich in minerals, is the delight of wasabi farms.


Our grower uses the "Hirachi siki" method of cultivation: soil is dug until it reaches the sandy layers.
Then furrows are made in order to bring up the groundwater with a temperature of 14°C.

Azumino wasabi roots will then be harvested after 18 months.
Cultures are then protected by greenhouses in winter. Indeed, plains are located at 600 meters of altitude and winter temperatures go down to -10°C.
Water issuing from the melting snow gives all its aroma to this premium wasabi, characterized by its sweetness, its softness and its pugnacity.

Our tips:
- do not peel the green skin but rather brush it, this will avoid bitterness and will not remove the spiciness
- ideal storage: vacuum packed or in gauze at the bottom of the fridge for 2 - 3 weeks

Azumino (Nagano), Japan
according to piece
vacuum pack
1 piece
100% wasabi, Wasabia Japonica
After opening, preserve in absorbent paper and avoid any condensation.
in the refrigerator in the vegetable crisper
pesticides free
Recommanded use

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