Kibisu sugar cane vinegar 3 years fermented Vinegar
  • Kibisu sugar cane vinegar 3 years fermented Vinegar

Kibisu sugar cane vinegar 3 years fermented

Kibisu sugar cane vinegar 3 years fermented

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Kibisu is made of 100% squeezed sugar cane juice which is fermented. It is pointless trying to find it elsewhere in Japan or in the world as it cannot be produced anywhere but in Amami Oshima as it requires a special enzyme which is only present on the Amami islands.

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Kibisu sugar cane vinegar has its roots in the cultivation of sugar cane and sugar production.
A sugar cane farmer in the Setouchi-cho region on the island of Amami Oshima was concerned that the cultivation of sugar cane and its by-products, such as black sugar, was not very profitable, as producing the latter required time and effort.

In 1998 black vinegar was popular in Japan. The company Amami Shizensyoku Honpo emerged and specialised in producing a new ground-breaking vinegar, made from 100%  sugar cane: kibisu.
Developed according to traditional fermentation processes and aged for a minimum of three years in Amami Kamirojima, it has a sweet flavor compared with other more common vinegars.
The sweet flavor comes through together with the sharpness, which makes this vinegar very easy to drink.
The secret to its taste is the result of 400 years of growing in the region and the unique nature and climate.
It is worth clarifying that throughout the whole fermentation process it has a sweet aroma and taste.
This is Japan’s only naturally fermented and naturally brewed vinegar. No yeast is added. Nature and the climate act alone.

It is a Grand Cru vinegar, rich in minerals, tannins, calcium, magnesium and potassium.

Our perfect combination : best for marinating fish, roots vegetables, turnips, radish…

Amami Oshima, Japan
300 ml net
glass flask
sugar canne, water
protected from light and heat
Nutritional values
Per 100 g : energy 8 kcal (35 kJ) ; fat < 0,5g, of which saturates < 0,1g ; carbohydrate 2,1g, of which sugars 0,6g ; protein < 0,5g ; salt < 0,01g.
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