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Genmai Fuji black rice vinegar Vinegar
  • Genmai Fuji black rice vinegar Vinegar

Genmai Fuji black rice vinegar

Genmai Fuji black rice vinegar

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Genmai Fuji black rice vinegar

Compared to other black vinegars, genmai black rice vinegar has a milder taste.


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Richer in umami and with a stronger flavor than Fujisu Premium rice vinegar, it is a vinegar to drink and cook with.
This black vinegar is solely made from genmai, brown rice, and fresh groundwater. It is created by static fermentation, the traditional method of vinegar brewing, followed by a long maturation period. Every 100 ml of vinegar contains up to 1000 mg of natural amino acids, necessary for a healthy body. It also contains essential amino acids, which cannot be created in our body. These create a well-balanced vinegar and make it one of the finest black genmai rice vinegars currently on the market.

Our perfect combination : this black rice vinegar has a rich and malty taste. It is recommended for making vinaigrettes, spicing up broths, bringing out the flavors in pulse salads (lentils, chickpeas, split peas) and making sweet and sour sauces and dishes.

Kyoto, Japan
500 ml net
glass flask
water, brown rice
protected from light and heat
Nutritional values
Per 100 g : energy 7 kcal (31 kJ) ; fat < 0,5g, of which saturates < 0,1g ; carbohydrate 1,0g, of which sugars < 0,5g ; protein 0,8g ; salt < 0,01g.
pesticides free
Recommanded use
Ice Cream

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