Black rice vinegar 3 years aged Vinegar
  • Black rice vinegar 3 years aged Vinegar
  • Black rice vinegar 3 years aged Vinegar

Black rice vinegar 3 years aged

Black rice vinegar 3 years aged

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Black rice vinegar Kakuida Fukuyama Kurozu 3 years aged

Using locally grown brown rice, koji (malted rice) made from brown rice and pure water from the city of Fukuyama, a long aging period of 3 years has given this black vinegar an even softer aroma and taste.


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Black rice vinegar 3 years aged

Ingredients are natural and of high quality, without preservatives or artificial flavors or colors.

Black vinegar is known to lower blood pressure, cleanse blood vessels, reduce fatigue, reduce stress and anxiety and ensure a good internal chemical balance.

Kagoshima, Japan
500 ml net
glass flask
brown rice, malted brown rice
protected from light and heat
Nutritional values
Per 100 ml : energy 17 kcal (75 kJ) ; fat < 0,6g, of which saturates < 0,01g ; carbohydrate < 0,1g, of which sugars < 0,1g ; protein <1g ; salt < 0,01g.
no additive
no coloring
no preservative
Recommanded use

KAKUIDA FUKUYAMA KUROZU Premium black vinagars
200 years of tradition

The origin of vinegar goes back to about 7,000 years ago and the birth of black vinegar dates back to the Edo period. It has been made for 200 years using a traditional process. Fukuyama-cho spring water, renowned for its properties and benefits to the body, is an integral part of the process of making black vinegar, which is made from brown rice and malted rice...

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