Udon - Thick Maru udon Udon
  • Udon - Thick Maru udon Udon
  • Udon - Thick Maru udon Udon

Udon - Thick Maru udon

Udon - Thick Maru udon

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These udon, handmade one by one by Kodama for more than 100 years, are called Shiraume in Japan, literally translated as "white plum".
They can take up to a week to make. "White plum" is an expression that emphasizes the whiteness of plum blossoms.
It is said that the first generation named these udon "Shiraume" to express the wonderful whiteness of these noodles.


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Udon - Thick Maru udon

The drying area of the udon is designed using solid cypress wood over its entire surface, which naturally adjusts the anti-insect and anti-bacterial effects of the cypress and the amount of water according to the respiration of the wood.
Thus, it is possible to maintain the optimal temperature and humidity for aging and drying of the noodles.

These thick and round udon are rare in Japan. It takes at least 5 days to make and finish them, and to mature and dry them slowly while paying attention to the temperature, humidity and condition of the noodles every day.

Our cooking tip : they should be boiled for a long time, for 18 minutes, then steamed for another 5 minutes. The surface of the noodles melts and becomes soggy, but the inside is firm, elastic and the noodles have a smooth throat and soft texture. The Japanese call them old-fashioned udon.

Shimane, Japan
250 g net
wheat flour, potato starch, salt
keep away from light, heat and moisture
Nutritional values
Per 100 g : energy 334 kcal (1416 kJ) ; fat 0,9g, of which saturates 0,17g ; carbohydrate 71,6g, of which sugars 2,6g ; dietary fiber 1,3g; protein 10g ; salt 3,25g.
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