Charbon Tosa Binchotan Bin-maru
  • Charbon Tosa Binchotan Bin-maru

Bin-maru Tosa Binchotan charcoal

Bin-maru Tosa Binchotan charcoal

Réference : NISBT02-D

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Bin-maru Tosa Binchotan charcoal, Ø : 25 to 40 mm, length 220 to 240 mm

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Light your binchotan charcoal :

To start your barbecue, we advise you to use a chimney of ignition identical to this used to  fasten incandescent of embers during a traditional barbecue.
At the bottom of the chimney, place paper, small wood and a little conventional charcoal and cover with your baubles of coal binchotan.
Twenty minutes later, your burning charcoal can be placed in your barbecue.

To extinguish it, it offers an advantage that no other coal possesses. Simply dip it in a container of water for a few minutes and then put it to dry overnight and finally, for one to two days to leave it in full sun or on a radiator (in winter) to remove all residual moisture. You can then use it again.

Tosa, Japan
2 kg net
12 kg net
100% Tosa binchotan charcoal (Quercus phillyraeoides and Quercus Glauca)

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