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  • Kuromoji to infuse To infuse

Kuromoji to infuse

Kuromoji to infuse

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Kuromoji to infuse

It is sometimes said that Kuromoji is similar to rosewood.
As Kuromoji and rosewood belong to the same family, Lauraceae, their aroma is really similar.


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Kuromoji and rosewood have much more soothing scent such as linalool and geraniol. Some cosmetics and pharmaceutical companies have focused on this perfume and are contributing to the scarcity of this plant species.
As for Kuromoji, it contains all the components of rosewood, but in greater quantity.
Unlike rosewood, its natural essence has an antimicrobial effect, an immune effect and a sedative effect. This explains why the Japanese drink it as an infusion.
Some French pastry chefs settled in Japan use it as an infusion for their creams and ganaches. Indeed, the smell of Kuromoji is floral, lemony and woody. It has a little acidity.
Compared to black tea, it is much less tannic. It's a much sweeter perfume than coffee.

Our perfect combination : ganaches, macaroon creams, pastry fillings, ice creams ...

How to make good Kuromoji tea : prepare 2 g of Kuromoji in a small teapot, pour 300 ml of boiling water, let infuse 3 minutes.
If you use 1 kg of Kuromoji, about 150 liters of tea can be prepared.

Shimane, Japan
1 kg net
100 g net
100% Kuromoji (Lindera Umbellata)
keep dry away from high temperatures and moisture
Nutritional values
Per 100 g : energy 368 kcal (1560 kJ) ; fat 2,4g, of which saturates 1,34g ; carbohydrate 79,4g, of which sugars 1,4g ; protein 7,1g ; salt 0,153g.
Recommanded use
Ice Cream

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