Kyo-Shichimi 7 spices mix Spices - Sansho - Mustard
  • Kyo-Shichimi 7 spices mix Spices - Sansho - Mustard

Kyo-Shichimi 7 spices mix

Kyo-Shichimi 7 spices mix

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Kyo-shichimi is the Kyotoïte version of the shichimi togarashi, a mix of traditional Japanese spices.


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This mix was created in 1625 in Edo (former name of Tokyo), in a quarter where a lot of doctors and chemists included Chinese herbal medicine in everyday foods.
The 7 spices used are pillars of this Chinese herbal tradition. The inhabitants of Edo protected themselves against the flu by eating very hot soba noodles with the 7 spices.
This mix became popular very quickly in Edo, Kyoto and Nagano, then adopted by the rest of Japan where it was adapted to the local culinary traditions. 
For Kyo-shichimi, the original traditional method is preserved paying more attention to the taste than the spiciness.

Our Perfect combination : ideal to sprinkle on hot soba or udon noodles, soups, chicken, white or red meat kebabs, pickled or sautéed vegetables, grated raw vegetable salads, carpaccios, meat or fish tartars, marinades (meat and fish). Shichimi and miso are an excellent mix!

Kyoto, Japan
15 g net
glass flask
red pepper, white sesame seeds, aonori seaweed (Enteromorpha), mikan mandarin peel, sansho powder, hemp seeds, poppy seeds
keep away from light, heat and moisture
Nutritional values
Per 100 g : energy 490 kcal (2050 kJ) ; fat 26g, of which saturates 4,1g ; carbohydrate 48g, of which sugars 8,1g ; protein 17g ; salt 0,11g.
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