Kuyou Murasaki soy sauce  Soy sauce
  • Kuyou Murasaki soy sauce  Soy sauce
  • Kuyou Murasaki soy sauce  Soy sauce

Kuyou Murasaki soy sauce

Kuyou Murasaki soy sauce

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Kuyou Murasaki soy sauce

It is said in Japan that the origin of soy sauce was the liquid found and extracted from fermentation barrels during the process of making Kinzanji miso...


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Kuyou Murasaki soy sauce

Kinzanji miso is a traditional food made from soybeans, barley, rice, sugar, salt, and certain vegetables such as eggplant, gourd, ginger, and Japanese grass shiso (perilla ).
“Tamaru” means to collect or form a puddle, so the liquid that comes out of Kinzanji miso is called “tamari”.
It is a thick liquid with an excellent flavor of plant extract. The Japanese started using tamari liquid, then tried to recreate soy sauce more effectively without vegetables.


Our craftsman is the only soy sauce maker who continues to make soy sauce from Kinzanji tamari which is 3% by weight of Kinzanji miso.

It is a rare product, low in salt, dark in color, with a thick texture and deep flavor.
This soy sauce called Kuyou Murasaki received the Grand Gold Medal at Monde Selection for 10 consecutive years from 2006.

Typically, black soy sauce contains 17-18% salt. This sauce only contains 13% because it is made from the accumulated liquid of Kinzanji miso.
It concentrates the umami from the ingredients of the Kinzanji miso vegetables.


Our perfect pairings : this special soy sauce can be used for sashimi, ohitashi (boiled vegetables), tsukemono (pickles), etc.
It can also be used for simmered fish, steak and grilled meat to bring out the best in ingredients.

Wakayama, Japan
720 ml net
glass flask

water, soy beans, wheat, salt, barley, sugar cane alcohol, gourd, starch syrup, sugar, ginger, eggplant, shiso (perilla)
best refrigerated
Nutritional values
Per 100 g : energy 101 kcal (430 kJ) ; fat 0,3g, of which saturates 0,17g ; carbohydrate 15,7g, of which sugars 7g ; protein 8,9g ; salt 10,51g.
Recommanded use

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