Tamari Warabeuta soy sauce
  • Tamari Warabeuta soy sauce
  • Tamari Warabeuta soy sauce
  • Tamari Warabeuta soy sauce
  • Tamari Warabeuta soy sauce

Tamari Warabeuta soy sauce

Tamari Warabeuta soy sauce

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Tamari Warabeuta soy sauce

It's a very grand cru !

Warabeuta tamari sauce is a soy sauce made from whole Japanese soybeans, not defatted, and traditional Japanese sea salt called "umi no sei".


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The refining takes place in nearly 150 years old Japanese cedar vats.
At our artisan Minamigura, production begins by mixing 1.5 tons of steamed soybeans in a huge wooden vat with half the amount in water; it is called "Gobujicomi".
In more industrial production, equal amounts of water are used (Tomizujikomi process) but the flavor is much weaker.
For "Gobujikomi", the soybeans and water are refined for three years.
This "Tamari" is fermented, naturally and long aged and has a special flavor, and is completely natural.
The role of "Koji" in making "Tamari" is as important as it is for miso (but the type of Koji mushroom is different).
The "Tamari" with a very rich and ripe taste, gradually descends from the vat after maturing for three years and is then harvested.

This "Tamari" is called "Kibikidamari".
Alternatively, the miso (mixture of soybeans, water, salt) is taken out of the tank then placed between cloths, by layer, and pressed to obtain a tamari called "Assakudamari".
Large companies use a combination of wheat and soybeans in mass production because the wheat fungus ferments soybeans much faster than the natural soy fungus.
However, only good soybeans, grown in Japan, natural salt and pure water are used at Minamigura.

The Warabeuta tamari sauce is of the kibikidamari type, the ultimate, the rarest, the most precious and has been refined for at least 3 long years.
It has twice the umami and thickness of general soy sauce.


Our perfect combination : you can use this tamari sauce for Japanese cuisine, tasting beef, making a simple olive oil sauce ...

Aichi, Japan
1.8 L net
200 ml
720 ml net
18 L available on request
glass flask

whole soya beans, “umi no sei” sea salt
best refrigerated
Nutritional values
Per 100 g : energy 95 kcal (405 kJ) ; fat <0,3g, of which saturates <0,01g ; carbohydrate 8,9g, of which sugars 0,3g ; protein 15g ; salt 17,01g.
Recommanded use

Our craftsman, Yaemon Aoki, fifth generation, presents his job
In Taketoyo, a town famous for its fermented products, we produce 'Mame Miso', with a natural taste, made from pure soybeans and 'Tamari', a pure and concentrated soy sauce, in the traditional way.

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