Yoshino cedar chopsticks Kichi no Hashi  Shopsticks

Yoshino cedar chopsticks Kichi no Hashi

Yoshino cedar chopsticks Kichi no Hashi

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Yoshino cedar chopsticks Kichi no Hashi

The box we propose here is made up of 30 pairs of high quality Yoshino japanese cedar disposable chopsticks.


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The inner part of cedar is normally considered an unsuitable material in making chopsticks due to its small knots, coarse grain, and bad nature, so conventionally only part of the surface has been used for chopsticks.
The unique manufacturing processes used by Kumaya Shoten allow the use of cedar as a whole and thus contributes to the protection of forests.
Japanese cuisine never ceases to command attention. Its flavor and healthy characteristics may lead to this boom, but we believe that Japanese table manners and the unique spirit of hospitality handed down from ancient times are also essential to Japanese food culture.
We therefore recommend that you carefully select not only the cooking ingredients, but also the dishes and the ambiance.
Chopsticks essential to the Japanese table setting can be an important item.
Whole cedar is used and Kumaya Shoten is committed to the conservation and development of the forest resources in this region.

Nara, Japan
box : 275 mm x 88 mm x 44 mm
chopsticks : 260 mm x 10 mm x 6 mm
box of 30 pairs of chopsticks
Yoshino cedar wood (Cryptomeria Japonica), identified as Yoshino Sugi

Kumaya Shoten Co., Ltd. Specializes in the manufacture of quality chopsticks and woodwork made from the wood of the very famous Yoshino cedar called "Yoshino Sugi".

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