Young soft Kombu seaweed Seaweeds
  • Young soft Kombu seaweed Seaweeds
  • Young soft Kombu seaweed Seaweeds

Young soft Kombu seaweed

Young soft Kombu seaweed

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Young soft Kombu seaweed

Young soft Kombu seaweed have an extremely tender texture and are slightly crunchy with a very pleasant, delicate taste. Their cooking is very quick.


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Young soft kombu seaweed are harvested before their maturity, at 1 year old. After being harvested in spring, they are washed and dried very quickly at high temperature to retain aromas and flavors.
They can be used as they are or to make dashi stock. There are whitish patches on the surface that must not be washed: they are natural and made up of umami «mannitol» substances («mannitol» is a natural sweetener with more than 0,7 times the strength of sugar) found in different plants, especially in seaweeds.
«Mannitol» is mild without any after taste, and can be used in different food preparations. Apart from its use as a sweetener, it is also often used because it gives a better structure to certain foodstuted and prevents their drying out.

Our perfect combination : Soak in water for 10 min then strain.
Chopped they are perfect for salad. Eaten with our kanisu seafood vinegar it is quite simply divine. It can also be panfried to accompany fish and panfried vegetables, rice, pastas…
It can also be wrapped around fish to panfry or fry.

Hokkaido, Japan
70 g net
100% ma-kombu (Laminaria Japonica)
keep away from light, heat and moisture
Nutritional values
Per 100 g : energy 187 kcal (792 kJ) ; fat 0,8g, of which saturates 0,2g ; carbohydrate 36g, of which sugars < 0,5g ; protein 8,5g ; salt 9,4g.
Recommanded use
Presence of an anti moisture bag in this product. Do not consume

ESAN Association was founded by Hakodate seaweed producers and fishermen and the objective of Mr Saito (in charge of sales).

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