Shrimp flavored grilled nori seaweed Seaweeds
  • Shrimp flavored grilled nori seaweed Seaweeds
  • Shrimp flavored grilled nori seaweed Seaweeds

Shrimp flavored grilled nori seaweed

Shrimp flavored grilled nori seaweed

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Our grilled nori is made of nori seaweed grown in the Akashi canal. Not at all fragile, it stands out due to its deep, brilliant black, the result of fast currents and the seasonal winds of cold winters, both encouraging the growth and strengthening of the nori.

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In the Akashi canal, the nori also absorbs many nutrients from the sea and it is rich in amino acids, which are the basis of umami.
The nori seaweed buds several times there. The first nori grown is called "hatsu zumi" or "Ichiban zumi" (first growing), the second is called "Niban zumi" (second harvest) and the third "Sanban zumi" (third harvest). The first nori is soft and full of umami.
This first nori is used to make our grilled nori. This is the best nori around. Unlike other grilled nori finely chopped and turned into nori sheets, our grilled nori is roughly sliced to avoid breaking the nori cells and therefore preserve their umami.
As the sheets are not perfectly shaped and cut, there are a few small holes on their surface. These holes make the nori melt in the mouth.
For our grilled shrimp flavored nori, the manufacturer makes a kôji shoyu (soy sauce) using soya, wheat and kôji and adds shrimps. Everything is fermented for one to two years. Through this process, the soy sauce develops a powerful umami flavor and the seafood proteins create a new condiment.
Everything is natural, no additive, coloring, no preservative.

Hyogo, Japan
43 g net
PET box of 15 sachets of 5 servings
nori (Porphira Yezoensis), sugar, 7% shrimp sauce (shrimp pandalus eous, soy, wheat, salt), salt, mirin, kombu seaweed
keep away from light, heat and moisture
Nutritional values
Per 100 g : energy 364 kcal (1543 kJ) ; fat 4,0g, of which saturates 1,10g ; carbohydrate 41,2g, of which sugars 13,0g ; protein 41,0g ; salt 4,57g.
no additive
no coloring
no preservative
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