Snow salt Yukishio from Miyako-Jima Island Salt
  • Snow salt Yukishio from Miyako-Jima Island Salt
  • Snow salt Yukishio from Miyako-Jima Island Salt
  • Snow salt Yukishio from Miyako-Jima Island Salt

Snow salt Yukishio from Miyako-Jima Island

Snow salt Yukishio from Miyako-Jima Island

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Snow salt Yukishio from Miyako-Jima Island

Miyako-Jima island is located in the Okinawa archipelago, southern Japan, and approximately 400 km east of Taiwan. These beautiful beaches and waters are well known as dive sites.


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Many tourists are attracted by its tropical beauty and visit the island to discover a unique nature in the archipelago. The island is surrounded by a coral reef in a clear blue sea. This salt is made using seawater drawn from the limestone rocks of the deep seabed and then passed through a reverse osmosis membrane, separating freshwater and condensed seawater. Condensed seawater is sprayed on a hot plate; the water evaporates leaving a layer of brine (rich in magnesium chloride).
More natural than most classic salts available on the market, Yukishio salt has the distinction of being listed in the Guinness Book of Records for its mineral wealth, the largest in the world (ie 18 different minerals: sodium, magnesium potassium, calcium, iron, manganese, zinc, chromium, copper, chlorine, cobalt, nickel, bromine, strontium, fluorine, sulphide, boron and lithium).
Its name "snow of salt" comes from its appearance identical to icing sugar, and its lightness: in fact, a teaspoon weighs about ... 5g! For comparison, a teaspoon of "classic" salt weighs 17g.
It takes approximately 3 times more "classic" salt to obtain the same salt power. The Yukishio powdered cooking salt is therefore much cheaper.
In 2000, the salt snow of Yuki-Shio was declared "World's Best Salt".

Our perfect combination : salt snow is unique in its softness without the aggressive character of classic salts.
Its sweetness is perhaps too light for dishes calling for a pronounced salty taste, but can bring a deep flavor to foods.
We recommend this salt for tomatoes and raw vegetables, tempura, soups and stews, for meat and fish, foie gras, vegetables.
This salt can also be used in the production of "saline water", consumed by some people for its health benefits.
In a more original way, salt snow is an excellent facial exfoliator and is perfect for massaging the gums.

Miyako-Jima (Okinawa), Japan
3 kg net
25 g net
60 g net
500 g net
100% sea salt
dry away from direct sunlight and moisture
Recommanded use

The best salt in the world from the sea of Miyakojima

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