Koshiibuki rice from Niigata
  • Koshiibuki rice from Niigata

Koshiibuki rice from Niigata

Koshiibuki rice from Niigata

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Koshiibuki is an early maturing variety of the Koshihikari lineage. Taste, lustre, smell, and stickiness are good and characterize Koshiibuki rice.

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Koshiibuki rice is a second-generation hybrid rice from Hitomebore and Domannaka varieties. Hitomebore is a hybrid of koshihikari and hatsuboshi, and domannaka is a hybrid of Ibukiwase and Shonai No.29.
Koshiibuki variety was officially registered in 2003. The origin of the name means new breath (Ibuki) from the region of Echigo (Koshi). Its name was voted by the inhabitants of Niigata Prefecture.
It can be harvested faster than Koshihikari. It is easy to grow. The height of the rice at harvest is 10cm lower than that of Koshihikari. As it does not shell out much at harvest, it can be cut gently and the yield is stable.

Our perfect combination : after cooking, even if it cools, it does not harden and keeps a very good taste. This rice is perfect for home or professional use. It is also suitable for bento and rice dumplings.
Because it has the same characteristic as Koshihikari, it is delicious even at low temperatures. Moreover, since its sticking is slightly weaker than Koshihikari, it is good for fried rice, Chirashi zushi, Ochazuke (prepared by pouring green tea, dashi or hot water over cooked rice).

Niigata, Japan
1 kg net
5 kg net
100% koshiibuki rice
keep away from light, heat and moisture

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